Load Balancing FTP

But first the reason to enable promiscous is the following
Traffic comes in on the Control port to set up the FTP session and this is passed to the Real Server

On the Real Server we need to change a setting so that it will reply back with the Data Port Information and use a source IP address of the VIP
if not set it will use the RS IP
If this is not set (or if it is not possible to set) you will need to enable promiscuous mode so that the RS will accept the connection from the client (Data Port and Control port are coming from different IPs)
The Internal vs External
Internal means Client on the same IP as VIP
External means everything else

so “promiscous” being an FTP server setting?

pasv_promiscuous – on vsftpd
set to YES for ON
Default is NO

so it’s something that not every ftpd will support
ok understood

Yea, apparently now it is possible to set the IP address that you want the data chanel info to come from (the VIP) on the servers
Looks to be possible on Windows FTP anyway, need more time to look up the exact settings

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